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All tour bookings are subject to our Terms and Conditions of Hire, which set out the responsibilities to each other, the person making/paying/signing the booking form is responsible for signing on behalf of the group.


All credit card payments are subject to a 3% Bank charge. (3.2% for AmEx)


All bookings are given a unique reservation number and are emailed to the client. We would ask you to check the details on this confirmation for accuracy. Please refer to your reservation number for any alterations or cancellations.


The hire price is guaranteed to remain the same as quoted at the time of reservation so long as no alteration has been made to the itinerary after the reservation has been made. Any alterations made to the journey itinerary after the reservation has been made will be charged accordingly.


Quotations are based on the duties outlined by clients and our estimated time to leave from our base to complete the services and return to base. Extra journeys or duties requested by clients on the day, where possible, will be charged at the hourly rate.


Vehicle parking, tolls and fuel costs are included in the price. However any extra costs incurred on the journey (including parking, tunnel and toll costs requested as extras during the tour and not beforehand) will be charged at cost. If parking fine/tickets are issued to our drivers/vehicles as a result of passenger instructions then the client named on the booking will incur additional costs to cover these.


Please ensure when booking that accurate details are provided. For any subsequent changes after your confirmation has been issued, we will endeavor to make changes provided that we receive reasonable notification of four weeks in advance. Please notify us immediately and refer to your reservation number. Any changes of dates, times, transport, attractions, venues or accommodation may incur a surcharge.


All accounts are billed at the end of each calendar month. Payment should be made within 7 days, unless otherwise agreed. If paying by direct payment a bit of remittance advice stating Invoice number should be sent to Chauffeur Ireland.


Tours & Chauffeur Vehicle services. A 25% non-refundable deposit is required to secure dates and vehicle. Full payment of tour is required 7 days prior to start. If 7 days cancellation notice is given only the deposit payment will be retained. If less than 24 hours’ notice is given there will be a full charge. A cancellation invoice will be supplied. Should you wish to cancel your confirmed booking, the person who made the booking must advise Celtic Chauffeur Services.


Celtic Chauffeur Services endeavors to meet the highest standards requested by our clients, if however you have a complaint at any time during your tour please inform your driver/guide immediately. Your driver/guide is authorised to deal with any problems that can easily be sorted out on the spot. There is also available to our guests a 24 hour telephone number: +353873533460
If the problem is not resolved to your satisfaction please contact the Celtic Chauffeur Services office by Email to info@celticchauffeur.com within 7 days of the end of your tour. Complaints must be received in writing in order to ensure due process.


If the client fails to arrive at his/her collection point then No Refund will be issued, however every effort will be made to contact the client. If a flight is delayed, your driver will arrive to the airport at the revised arrival time. If you miss a flight please contact us immediately.


The first 30 minutes of waiting time is included in the hire price. Thereafter, waiting time will be charged at
our basic hourly rate based on our current tariff at the time of journey.


Celtic Chauffeur Services will monitor the flight progress based on information available. The chauffeur shall amend his arrival or departure time accordingly. If however the flight arrival or departure time is amended due to delays following the chauffeur’s arrival at the airport, then additional waiting time will be charged at our hourly rate. If, as a result of extreme delays the chauffeur is required to return to the airport in order to collect the client, then this will be charged. Celtic Chauffeur Services is obliged to carry out other pre-booked reservations, and cannot cause delays and inconvenience to other clients as a result of flight delays. To ensure that a vehicle is available for your late arrival or departure please inform our office as soon as you are aware of any delay to your arrival or departure time.


The vehicles/drivers of Celtic Chauffeur Services are fully insured including Public Liability Insurance.


The route taken is at the driver’s discretion. The driver will take the best possible route and in the event of heavy traffic congestion, he/she will amend the route if necessary and endeavor to deliver passengers to their destination on time. Celtic Chauffeur Services do not accept responsibility for any delays, missed appointments or travel arrangements. Always allow plenty of time for your journey.


Celtic Chauffeur Services are delighted to provide child seats free of charge for our junior passengers in our vehicles. If a child seat is required for your journey, please ensure that it is requested at the time of booking. It must be checked by the parent/carer of the child and fixed correctly. The parent/carer is responsible for the safety of the child at all times. By Irish Law all passengers 17 years or younger must wear seat belts/restraints during the journey.


Celtic Chauffeur Services operate a strict No Smoking policy in all our vehicles.


We welcome Guide dogs in our vehicles but they must be declared at the time of reservation.


Celtic Chauffeur Services provides wheelchair accessible vehicles but not all models are available so please give as much notice as possible.


Celtic Chauffeur Services do not accept responsibility for the following: delays due to adverse weather conditions; Loss or damage of any item belonging to any of the passengers traveling in our vehicles unless caused by a member of our staff; delays caused by road traffic accidents; other traffic conditions or acts of God; any passenger leaving possessions or items in the vehicle does so at their own risk.


If any of our vehicles are damaged or soiled as a result of passengers actions, we will charge the client fully for the amount to rectify the vehicle and for time lost whilst the vehicle was taken out of the fleet.


Celtic Chauffeur Services is pleased to accept full responsibility for arranging with reasonable skill and attention any tour or service booked with us. However, we are not responsible for the day to day running of the various hotels and attractions not under our direct control. Accordingly, Celtic Chauffeur Services wish to make it perfectly clear that we accept no responsibility for any additional expense, distress, disappointment, loss, damage, injury, accident, delay, irregularity or inconvenience, resulting from or arising from the act or default of any company, firm or persons in connection with the carrying out of such arrangements or bookings or conveyance of any of our clients. Every booking is accepted subject to the conditions imposed by the relevant hotel, attraction, transport service, restaurant, company or persons. Any claim in respect to such matters must be made against the appropriate principal.


Gratuities are at the client’s discretion and are not included in the price. Your driver is working towards a gratuity towards the end of the trip. On multi-day tours, the drivers are paid a daily expense for meals and accommodation. The consideration for the driver’s gratuity would be based on punctuality, service, sightseeing assistance and additional hours he might do on the longer days. Gratuity are usually paid directly to the driver/guide if the client wishes they may charge a gratuity payment to their card. Tipping in restaurants is similar to the US & Canada. 10-15% is normal. When the bartenders/waiters/waitress bring drinks to where you are seated, the tip is approx 2 to 3 euros. In Ireland, we tend to hand gratuities to our server rather than leave your tip on a table. Gratuities are normally paid in cash to your server, and not included on your credit card.


Insurance: Do you have travel insurance? Good travel insurance and medical coverage is vital these days. Weather: Expect light showers at any time! www.weather.ie is the only website we recommend for a good gauge on Irish weather. Phone & Internet: Most travelers can now use their mobile/cell phones here in Ireland without major fuss. Prior to your trip check with your provider to see if any specific local network is advised. There may also be a rate plan you can enroll in to ensure costs don’t get out of control. Hotels in Ireland, in general, have complimentary Wi-Fi/broadband/dsl in rooms or lobbies. Wireless access is quite good in the bigger towns and cities. Internet cafes can also be found in populated areas.

Important Phone Numbers while you are here….
– Cell 00353873533460
– Police, Ambulance, Fire Service: 112 & 999
– Directory Enquiries: 11811 and 11850
Check with your provider before you depart if there is any special way of retrieving your voicemail.


The Euro is the currency in the Republic of Ireland (south). Sterling in the North of Ireland ATMs are
widely available here and in our opinion, you get the best rates by taking cash out of the ATMs while you are
here. There are transaction charges for taking cash out so withdrawals of larger amounts is wise. VISA and
MasterCard are widely accepted. AMEX is becoming widely accepted.


Ireland now uses a chip and pin credit card processing system to help combat fraud. If your card has this
chip, it is important to have the pin number available, as you’ll be asked to input it to complete payments.

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