Q. How do we meet the chauffeur at the airport?
A. Your chauffeur will be waiting for you in the arrivals hall holding a name board/iPad or sign and will send you a text message shortly before or after your flight lands. If you can’t find our chauffeur, please don’t leave the terminal and call the mobile number on the reservation form

Q. What if my flight arrives early?
A. We monitor your flight status so our chauffeur knows when to expect you.

Q. What if my flight is delayed?
A. We monitor your flight status and will arrive 30 minutes after your flight has landed. If you are further delayed, an hourly rate will be applied. This is divided into 15-minute segments.

Q. What if my flight is cancelled/delayed and I don’t have the new flight details?
A. Please keep us informed by calling, text, or email.

Q. How long does it take to get from the Dublin airport to Galway City.                                                           
The journey is 180 minutes. Times may vary depending on traffic conditions.

Q. Does the chauffeur carry luggage and open the car door for clients?
A. Yes, the chauffeur offers to take your luggage and always opens the doors for clients as both a courtesy and for safety reasons.

Q. Do you provide child/baby seats?
A. Yes, please request these when you book the vehicle. There is no extra charge, although current law states that you must fit the car seat yourself.

Q. Are chauffeurs smartly dressed?
A. Our chauffeurs wear suits and a shirt and tie.

Q. Do chauffeurs chat to passengers?
A. Our chauffeurs are courteous and polite. They will be happy to respond to any questions you have or engage in conversation if you so wish.

Q. Do chauffeurs respect my privacy?
A. At all times. Our chauffeurs sign a non-disclosure agreement under the terms of their employment.

Q. Are parking charges, tolls and congestion charges included in the fare?
A. Yes, all are included.

Q. What services/facilities come with the car?
A. Free bottled water is provided but eating is not permitted in the car. All vehicles have onboard entertainment. You can ask the driver if you want to listen to music or check local news. Our cars come with iPhone chargers and some are equipped with DVD and WiFi. Please specify if you want these when you make your booking. All vehicles have umbrellas available.

Q. Is smoking in cars permitted?
A. Our cars are non-smoking, however, we are happy to stop for a smoke break if you request.

Q. Can I choose a specific colour of car?
A. Most of our vehicles are black or silver, but we do have a few other options.

Q. How do I pay for my booking, and is VAT included?
A. Please pay the full deposit to confirm your reservation; in the case of short notice, we require full payment up front. VAT is included with all online prices.

Q. Do you offer discounts for regular bookings?
A. Yes, please discuss this with our team.

Q. Do special rates apply for public holidays?
A. Only Christmas Day and New Year’s Day incur an extra charge.

Q. Can I book a car to take me to a show/restaurant/meeting and make a separate booking for the return journey to avoid paying the driver to wait?
A. Yes, this can be arranged.

Q. How are wedding cars charged?
A. Wedding cars are booked for an agreed period and are available for multiple journeys as required. Additional time is charged at our hourly rate.